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Doc’s Soapbox & Question Of The Day


OK. People Talk! We’ve all been known to engage in “Gossip” and “Water-Cooler” Conversations, but come on now. How far removed are you from Reality and Your Family and Friends when you have to be home to find out what Snooky, JWoww or “The Situation” are doing this week, Or who will “Outwit,  Outlast and Outplay” each other on Survivor. And now the Bachelors and Batchlorette’s are Shacked Up Together in the Same house, and the World is expecting Romance and Love and Entertainment.

What Is the Overwhelming Appeal of Reality Shows?

Do You find yourself Comparing Your Life & Situations to those of Reality Television Stars?


Comments, Responses, Feedback are All Appreciated.

Check Back Tomorrow for another Soapbox – Q.O.T.D.



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