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“Can’t Stay Here”: Tucker Beathard drops his newest heartache ballad in response to fan demand


Warner Music NashvilleTucker Beathard reflects on the tough decision to end a painful relationship in “Can’t Stay Here,” his new breakup ballad. Written early in 2020, the song was among the first Tucker penned after his younger brother’s untimely death. 

During that period of grief, the singer admits he wasn’t sure he’d be able to write music at all.

“After my brother passed away in December, I wasn’t sure if I had the emotional energy to start writing again right away,” Tucker reveals. “But, I decided I might as well try and clear my head and mess around with some writer buddies of mine and sure enough, the first song I wrote this year was this one.”

Still, Tucker didn’t originally intend to record and release “Can’t Stay Here” so soon. However, after he uploaded an acoustic performance of the song to social media, Tucker was overwhelmed by the fan response. 

“I’ve been really enjoying connecting with my fans through social media live videos during this time and just hanging out, playing a bunch of old and new songs of mine,” he explains. “...I decided to post an acoustic video of me playing [‘Can’t Stay Here’], and after seeing the feedback, I knew it would be a great addition to the album and went in and recorded it right away.”

“Can’t Stay Here,” along with its accompanying music video, is the latest glimpse into Tucker’s next project. He’s previously shared a couple of other new songs, including “Better Than Me,” “Find Me Here” and his current single, “You Would Think.”

By Carena Liptak
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