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“What Happens in a Small Town”: How Brantley Gilbert’s “Romeo & Juliet” romance turned into a hit duet with Lindsay Ell


By Music News Group

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Brantley Gilbert‘s duet with Lindsay Ell, “What Happens in a Small Town,” is actually the autobiographical story of his romance with his wife, Amber.

The small towns it describes are in Northwest Georgia, where they grew up.

“I’m from Jefferson, Georgia,” Brantley explains. “I was born and raised there, graduated with 66 people. It’s a tiny town.”

“My wife graduated from Commerce High School,” he continues, “which is right across the river. It’s literally like they’re three, four miles from each other.”

From the start, the couple’s relationship had a built-in element of conflict.

“It was the most heated rivalry for high …read more      


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