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Jimmie Allen and Brad Paisley hit the blacktop for their cinematic “Freedom Was a Highway” video

JT Colston

Jimmie Allen and Brad Paisley bring the breezy, windswept vibes of their “Freedom Was a Highway” duet to life in a new music video. 

In the clip, Jimmie starts off solo, going for a summer joyride in a classic red convertible. Somewhere along the two-lane blacktop, in the middle of the woods, the singer pulls over to investigate something sparkly on the side of road: It’s a golden guitar that seems to have magical powers.

One strum on the guitar and Jimmie conjures up a full backing band, which immediately kick into gear as he begins to perform “Freedom Was a Highway.” But that’s not all: Soon, Brad enters the picture, sitting on the back of a pickup truck and singing along. Soon, the pair of artists’ middle-of-nowhere jam session turns into a packed concert, with golden confetti falling from the sky.

A live performance of “Freedom is a Highway” from Jimmie and Brad will likely become a reality for fans with tickets to see Brad’s tour this summer: Jimmie is currently an opening act on the bill. 

The two artists’ duet is currently a top-twenty hit at country radio.

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