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2012 Billboard Music Awards-Woman of the Year


Taylor Swift Honored at Music Awards Sunday, May 20th

Here I am writing more about Taylor Swift again, but ya know what, shes been blowing up the country music scene lately!

Billboard Music Awards
Taylor Swift- Billboard Woman of the Year

Last night at the 2012 Billboard Music awards, Taylor was honored with a lengthy video biography on all the accomplishments she has made before receiving Billboard’s Woman of the Year award.

Taylor was shocked and, as usual, very humbled by the award. She talked about being 16 and how it seemed like so long ago that she was riding around in a rental car visiting radio stations.

There was a lengthy biography of Taylor’s career and I was shocked at some of the things she’s accomplished that I didn’t even know. One being, Taylor is the only female artist to have three records in a row hit number one; an accomplishment that only the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Michael Jackson have achieved.

Check out The Boot for a list of the winners.






Also, check out the video biography of Taylor’s music career, sorry it’s shaky, but you need to see it! Keep in mind…Taylor is only 22 years old!


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