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Scotty McCreery in Escanaba, MI

Scotty McCreery in Escanaba MI
Scotty McCreery’s live show beat all my expectations.

Remembering nothing about Scotty McCreery except that he had competed on American Idol, I walked into his concert hesitantly. So I’d heard his single on the radio – that didn’t stop my jaw from hitting the floor when he sang! I stared in awe trying to connect Scotty’s young face with that amazingly deep voice.

Scotty McCreery performed in Escanaba MI
Beach balls and country music makes a great combo.

This wasn’t the laid back country concert that I was expecting. Fully equipped with beach balls and a laser light show, Scotty traveled through the different style of country music. Scotty played everything from modern country rock to his roots – johnny cash.


Scotty McCreery in Escanaba MI
Scotty McCreery in Escanaba MI
Adoring fans at Scotty McCreery's concert in Escanaba MI
Adoring fans at Scotty McCreery’s concert

While looking back to his youth, Scotty mentioned his love of Elvis music before jumping into a nifty rendition of a classic Elvis song. I find flashbacks like these extremely entertaining, as the jump out of his classic style brought a different feel to the show and got the audience screaming in delight!

Between cool country and classic rock, Scotty demonstrated a truly talented artist. So a piece of advice – if you ever have the chance to attend a Scotty McCreery concert, don’t hesitate. Go!


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