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Honor Credit Union Sponsors a Free Night of Music at the 12th Annual Blues Festival

Marquette Area Blues Society's 12th Annual Blues Fest at Mattson Lower Harbor
Wow! The crowd really packed the Lower Harbor!

Marquette, MI  –  September 4th, 2015  –  Blues Fest packed Mattson Lower Harbor tonight! Honor Credit Union and the Ore Dock brought this amazing night of live music, good drinks and good friends to Marquette. Honor Credit Union even brought some free swag to the event!

To kick the night off, Walt Lindala – a Marquette Blues Society member and one of Great Lakes Radio’s very own – introduced the first band. The Rockin’ Johnny Band took the stage for some good, rockin’ blues tunes.

Honor Credit Union Sponsored the Free Night of Music for the Marquette Area Blues Society's Blues Fest
The Honor team happily manned the drinks tent at Blues Fest

While the Rockin’ Jonny Band was filling the park with music, Yoopers lined up underneath the beer tent where a team from Honor Credit Union was handing out some great brews and drinks.

Also at Blues Fest, Marquette’s best food trucks like Rollin’ Smoke Barbecue and Senores kept food on the tables. Biolife even brought a Fender acoustic guitar to give away at the event!

No one wanted the Rockin’ Jonny Band’s set to end, but we had more great music lined up for the night! While the Rockin’ Jonny Band moved their instruments off the stage, Honor Credit Union hopped up with boxes full of FREE STUFF! Immediately, the crows was on it’s feet. People waved their hands and jumped up and down to catch the t-shirts that the Honor team was giving away.

Once the last t-shirt had been thrown into the audience, Ross Kleiner & the Thrill took the stage to close out the night. Their fresh mix of classic instruments and a modern sound packed the dance floor immediately.

Did you miss the music, food, drinks, and giveaways at Blues Fest tonight? Well, the Marquette Area Blues Society’s Blues Fest will be running all weekend! Make sure to stop in and tell us your favorite part of the festival in the comment section below!


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