Redmen “Greatest Games” Set to Broadcast This Fall to Fill Void of High School Football

Marquette Redmen Taking on the Kingsford Flivvers

Marquette Redmen Taking on the Kingsford Flivvers

Marquette Redmen Taking on the Alpena Wildcats
Marquette Redmen Taking on the Alpena Wildcats

Marquette, MI – August 19, 2020 –  Live high school football may be sidelined for the autumn of 2020, but it will still be a part of Friday nights for fans in Upper Michigan this fall.

Marquette based mediaBrew Communications has reached back into its radio broadcast archive to bring fans 9 weeks of the greatest games for Marquette, Ishpeming, and Negaunee dating back as far as 2008. Marquette airing on 103.3 WFXD, Negaunee on Sunny 101.9, and Ishpeming on WRUP 98.3.

Marquette Redmen Football Homecoming Game 2019
Marquette Redmen Football Homecoming Game 2019

“We saw a need for sports this fall” said mediaBrew’s Market Manager Mark Evans. “We’re in an era where sometimes you have to think crazy thoughts, and this crazy idea turned out to make a lot of sense to us. The soundtrack to a Friday night at camp, or out driving around is high school football. This way people have that comfort food, and they can also listen to some great memories as there won’t be a loss, or a bad game on the air for almost three months on Friday nights.”

The “Greatest Games” will run Friday nights starting at 7:00PM starting August 28th, which for many schools was to be the 2020 opener, ending on Friday October 23rd. Broadcasts include State Championships, come-from-behind thrillers, rivalries, walk-off wins, and more.

Marquette runs for a First Down with the ball.
Marquette runs for a First Down with the ball.

“It’ll be a lot of fun as we’ve had different announcing teams over the years here at our stations, bringing back those voices will be really cool for people” Evans added. “Several of those people were recognized for excellence by The Michigan Association of Broadcasters, so you’ll hear some great quality too.”

“We are looking at perhaps a mock playoff after that. But for starters we’ll do 27 awesome games combined from the three schools we cover. It’ll be fun to look back at the 2020 broadcast year and be 27 – 0 for football!”

Marquette Redmen Football Greatest Game Schedule

Week 1 – Friday August 28, 2020
– Marquette vs Escanaba Sept 14, 2018 36-35 Mqt W – 103.3FM

Week 2 – Friday, September 4, 2020
– Marquette @ Negaunee October 13, 2017 35-19 Mqt W (Last game vs Neg) – 103.3FM

Week 3 – Friday, September 11, 2020
– Marquette vs Kingsford October 25, 2019 31-7 Mqt W (Marquette wins first outright GNC Title since 1976) – 103.3FM

Week 4 – Friday, September 18, 2020
– Marquette @ Petoskey Sept 22, 2017 27-26 Mqt W – 103.3FM

Week 5 – Friday September 25, 2020
– Marquette @ Escanaba Sept 20/21, 2019 17-14 Mqt W (2-Day Game) – 103.3FM

Week 6 – Friday October 2, 2020
– Marquette @ Petoskey Sept 13, 2019 31-0 Mqt W (Eric Mason 1st W) – 103.3F

Week 7 – Friday October 9, 2020
– Marquette @ Kingsford Sept 28, 2018 21-20 Mqt W – 103.3FM

Week 8 – Friday October 16, 2020
– Marquette vs Menominee Oct 11, 2019 28-21 Mqt W – 103.3FM

Week 9 – Friday October 23, 2020
– Marquette vs Lakeland Union Oct 6, 2017 55-6 Mqt W – 103.3FM

Other game broadcasts Marquette is a part of:
Week 3 – Negaunee @ Marquette October 14, 2016 32-0 Neg W (Last W vs Mqt) – 101.9FM

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