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Boy Meets Dog and Bonds


Marquette 10/15/2011 – I went down to South Central Wisconsin this past weekend to visit with my brothers and sister and together celebrate our Mom’s 75th birthday. I asked my brother, Steve if I could stay at his house; to which he agreed – but I can’t come alone! “Do you mind if I bring my 2 dogs along? They are very people-compatible and they won’t be a bother.” My brother agreed, he was happy that I could make the trip and join in the celebration.

His two children, Cecilia and Jack don’t have any pets and this might turn out to be a good experience for them. My two dogs, a nine year old, 50 pound  Huskie-Malamute  and eight year old, 98 pound Shepherd-Rottweiller are both always eager to meet new people and blend in their surroundings.

By the second day of my visit, Mesha, the  Shepherd-Rottweiller had cozy-ed up to my nephew Jack after having spent an afternoon of play at their neighborhood park that the two were caught spending some quiet time together that evening. Mesha has a laid-back deposition that a toddler could pull her ears or tug on her tail and she would simply turn around and lick their face!

Jack and Mesha
A Bonding Experience

I think it’s a good experience for boys to have a dog in their life growing up; I had a Schnauzer when I was growing up. I’ll have to wait and see what develops with Jack!!!


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