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Logs On The Way To Chicago


Merry Christmas loggers.  Can you imagine having to tackle one of these by hand?  I suppose when they say timber, you look up first, and then run the other way quick like.

Logging in Gwinn
With a tree this size coming down you'd better run the other way
a train ride to Chicago
I assume these logs are on their way to Chicago. How did they load them?

MORE…The great logging era is, perhaps, one of the most famous periods of growth in the United States. Early American settlers viewed the forest as either a barrier to development or a source of rapid wealth. As the forests of the east were depleted, logging companies moved west into the Great Lakes area. From about 1840 to 1900, most of the Michigan forests were cut down for farms and to produce lumber for buildings, ships, and mines. Michigan was the nation’s leading lumber producer between 1869 and 1900.

It did not take long and almost every tree was gone up on the Keweenaw peninsula. It looked barren, because of the mining timbers they needed. Logging was the main industry and Citys Like Bay City Mi and were known for their Lumber Barron’s.

Frank Higgins was the Lumber Jacks Sky Pilot a (preacher/pastor) in Northern Minnesota and is a fascinating story…A perfect story for Christmas…He led men to Jesus in the rough Logging camps and won their respect. See below





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