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Rangers Win Preview to Winter Classic Against Flyers


Marquette12/24/10– In a preview to another one of Hockey Commissioner Gary Bettman’s bright ideas, New York defeated Philadelphia last 4 – 2. The two rivals will meet again on January 2nd in Philadelphia for what is dubbed as the Winter  Classic. A chance for out beloved “Commish” to increase the fan base by staging an outdoor game in a baseball stadium.

WIinter Classic Game
Rangers vs. Flyers

OK, I’ve seem the movie,” Mystery, Alaska”; so I know about the “Saturday game”, but I side with Little Richard on this one – “I’m cold.”

Both team are geared up for the outdoor confrontation. Philadelphia has nine players who have played outdoor before as compared to New York’s two but that shouldn’t give either team an edge, all the players state they are nervous playing in front of 40,000 spectators – that makes them nervous. This idea might be good for promoting the sport but I’m not up for sitting out side in the freezing cold to watch ANY game.

I will, however, be recording this particular game just in case my former high school classmate is spotted by the network cameras while she and her friend take in the game. I have been keeping in touch with Debbie N., who has become quite the rowdy Flyers fan since she has moved to the City of Brotherly Love. Debbie and her friend Charlene will be attending the Jan. 2nd game. I mentioned for both of them to construct a sign they could hold up during the televised game. That would be a blast to spot the two of them on TV. I would definitely post it on Facebook!

Have  fun ladies!!!





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