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Can Unemployment Be Cured? Maybe If We Would Be Willing To Do Some Odd Jobs


Unemployment still runs high in the Michigan. Both Obama and Rick Snyder have been working on it.

Is it because there are less jobs?
Is it because people are lazy and not seeking out job opportunities?

Is it because people won’t sweep the floor, wash the windows, or be A Hole Man?


This is for those of us who are bored and looking to spice up there life, if they don’t die doing it. If you’re interested, the position of “hole guy” is open

First, we wrap the “hole guy’s” arm in a skin for protection

Use thicker leather if possible.

Then we find a big hole and the “hole guy” crawls in.

We use modern lighting.

I'd suggest one of those LED Lights for $5 at Lowes

Hey Hole Guy. There it is.

Yea, there it is!

I guess I'd prefer some legs straps were on me.
I'd say make sure the hole is big enough
Come On I said get me out of here
See what I mean leg straps at this pont would be so helpful. It's like life insurance.

I let it take my protected arm, sort of like noodling for fish.

Ohh No and Darn it!

Ohh look, Those must be eggs. Those would be good for breakfast.

Or maybe we should leave them so we can noodle again soon.

Then my buddy pulled me out with the snake attached.

All right now get me out of here.

Ain’t it a beauty?

It will feed the whole village for a while.

All right, "Mission Accomplished"... A good days work!

To apply, maybe contact Michigan Works and ask if they can check the openings for you.


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