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NHL All-Star Game Skills Challenge Very Entertaining


Last night was my opportunity to enjoy my favorite part of the NHL All-Stars Weekend by watching the Skills Competition. I used to enjoy watching the All-Star Game itself but lately in the past 5 years or so, it’s not really like watching a season game or a Stanley Cup game, it’s just a fun game but the goalies end up taking the brunt of all this foolery so I don’t see how these high scoring affairs can be that much fun.

However, the Skills Competition is another aspect of the All-Star Game Weekend altogether. Eastern And Western Conference teams were drafted by the each respective team’s Captain then Saturday night, teams squared off in the Skills Competition. The 6 Areas of Competition were 1) Fastest Skater; 2) Breakaway Challenge; 3) Accuracy Shooting; 4) Skills Challenge Relay; 5) Hardest Shot; 6) Elimination Shootout.

The most entertaining Challenge was the Breakaway Challenge won by Chicago Blackhawk’s Patrick Kane. His last of three trick shots on goal was done in the guise of Superman, blasting his puck into 4 pieces as he took his shot on goal.

Here’s St. Louis Blues’ goalie, Brian Elliot’s view of “Superman” Kane’s slapshot:

To view highlights of all the 6 Skill Competitions, go HERE


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