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Steven Covey Has Changed The World…But wait – there’s 8!


Steven Covey is an all time great. What a book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The new 8th habit is out with Steven Covey

I own his book.   And over the years, I’ve been to a seminar or two or three of his and his son’s.

I have always encouraged people around me to consider being the best they can be. As February is almost here, I took time to review where am at right now?   Hmm???

Hey give this a quick read and reflect where you might be.

  1. Have the end in mind.  Everything starts with the end – the goal or the vision you want to fulfill. If you don’t know what the end is, then there’s no way of getting there, is there? You need to know what is the end you want to reach in order to get there. Hence, it’s critical that you form clear goals of what exactly you want.What do you want?What is the end you envision?What are your personal goals and dreams for yourself? These dreams remind me of what exactly I want and drive me forward every day.
  2. Do what you love.   When you do something you love, it’s like you have unlimited fuel that keeps you going- day after day. The hunger to excel in it is just greater than if you do anything else. Every day, it’s important that you love what you want to do first and foremost.What is it you love to do? If you are not sure what your passion isyet, then what is something you are most eager to try at the moment?If you can choose to do anything, what will it be? Your love and interest are fuels that will drive you towards excellence.
  3. Work harder than anyone else.  I don’t know of anyone who has achieved excellent results who hasn’t worked hard for them. A big component of excellence is hard work. Sheer, unadulterated hard work. We can streamline processes, choose effective strategies and steps, but ultimately the hard work will still have to come in. Fortunately, if you are doing what you love (step #2), work wouldn’t even be work at all.
  4. Make use of every moment.  Every moment counts. Excellent people know that time is highly valuable. There’s this quote by Donald Trump which I read in one of his books, and I absolutely love it. He said that time is more precious than money, because you can earn back money, but you can’t get back time. That is absolutely true.Hence, I’m always making sure that I’m maximizing every moment. Making use of every moment also refers to knowing when to rest and rejuvenate when it’s needed, because this will help us walk the longer mile on the path of excellence.
  5. Take action to achieve your results. Living a life of excellence means being a proponent of action. Many people often say “The sky is the limit”. My personal philosophy is the sky isn’t the limit; we are the limit. Whatever we do or don’t do will determine how much we can grow or achieve.If we want to grow and achieve great results, we need to take the equivalent actions to reach the results we want.
  6. Continuously upgrade yourself.  Learning never stops. There is always something we can do to become better. We may have great skills and knowledge today, but no matter how great they may be, our skills need to be continuously developed. Excellent people are always learning, reading, exposing themselves to new knowledge, new people, new contexts and developing their skills.
  7. Ask for feedback.  No matter how much we try to improve, we will have blind spots. Blind spots are things about ourselves that we don’t know about, and we can’t improve on things that we are blind to. Asking for feedback is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve.For things I do, I make it a point to gather feedback. Sometimes the feedback is predictable, sometimes it’s not and many times it leads to an epiphany on some level.
  8. Strive for #1 in what you do.… Wait, you didn’t think that there would just be 7 habits in achieving excellence, did you?  I read Stevens web site  and there’s an 8th final habit to become a highly excellent person. My blogger friend said  that is, to strive for #1 in what you do. No one’s going to achieve excellence if they aim for average, or mediocrity. Excellence comes from aiming for the top – being #1. This #1 should be better than whoever is #1 at the moment, because it will spur you on to work even harder. You will only achieve great results when you set high standards for yourself.

I also appreciate the site dumb little men tips for life.  Thanks guys!


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