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Bing Is Way More Interesting Than Google


January 2012 – Google Protests And I Protest.  I stopped using Google for two reasons; 

#1. there are some darn good options outside of Goggle, 

#2. I disagree with their premise that censorship is an issue that they are above.

The FCC censors and has rules for broadcast media that force taking the high road.  Broadcasters communicate with 100% of America everyday. The FCC points us all toward the high road.

FCC fines and license maintenance regulate Radio & TV to relate on the high road.

We all know there are Core Values that we up-hold in America. We hear and experience those every day on the Radio.

We have a system of law/rules/moral ways of which courts and judges determine justice

There is clearly right and wrong,  better and worse,  and a higher road traveled.

Google is not above the law and there are things that just are no good for America.  Put it on a higher road please.  Censor Google!

And thanks Bing.  Every day you give me a fresh new picture!  I love it.

Bing is my #1.

Bing Is Better Than Google. Bing Gives A Fresh PIC everyday. Bing it!



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