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Michigan College Student Wins Appeal in Discrimination Case


Marquette02/06/12 – I came across this article last week on World Net Daily’s News Site then read up on several other news sites regarding this case appeal coming up in Detroit. Instead of giving a brief review of the circumstances involved, read them for yourself in these articles:

World Net Daily

Huffington Post

Detroit Free Press

Deseret News


What I do find interesting in all this reading is  how EMU was unwilling to uphold their own policy of referral when re-evaluated in Ward’s specific situation. I believe it was stated best by Circuit Judge Jeffery Sutton:

“What exactly did Ward do wrong in make the referral request? If one thing is clear after three years of classes, it is that Ward is acutely aware of her own values. The point of the referral request was to avoid imposing her values on gay and lesbian clients. And the referral request not only respected the diversity of practicum clients, but it also conveyed her willingness to counsel gay and lesbian clients about other issues – all but relationship issues – an attitude confirmed by her equivalent concern about counseling heterosexual clients about extra-marital sex and adultery in a values-affirming way.”

I personally hope that she wins her appeal hearing due to the appearance that Easterm Michigan University may have singled Ward out because of her personal beliefs concerning her desire to submit a referral in this set of circumstances.




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