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Where Does Government Regulation, Laws and Rules Stop. How Much is Enough?


In my opinion our capitalist system has good checks in balances within it, and in many cases legislative decisions seem to balance out in favor of peoples health.

My goodness some folks feel very strongly about government control, or perceived government control.  It’s like they can’t imagine having the federal or state government tell them anything.  Such as making them wear a helmet if they ride a motorbike.

I was looking way back in the Old testament about government control. Why even 5,000 years ago, as record in the history of the Jewish or Hebrew people in the Old Testament, God imposed law and order upon his people.  It appears they really needed it. This concept of some sort of order goes way back.

Let’s take a look at quick government control.  I always thought certain laws were very appropriate such as;

  • Only so many nasty parts per million poisonous  emission is allowed to come out of my car.  The government allows pollution, but only a small amount of pollution so the environment doesn’t go crazy, and so humans don’t grow a third ear or something.
  • I also am ok with government imposed and enforced 55 mph speed limits,  or 25mph speed limits in residential areas.  or 35 to 45mph speed limits in rural residential areas.  I have no problem having the government remind me of how fast to go to be safe.
  • I am ok having the government set limits on where I can take my concealed weapon.  I can’t go into concert halls with 2,000 people or more, in the post office, in certain  federal buildings, etc.  I am ok with a  few logical imposed limitations even on arms.
  • I have no trouble with having Michigan legislators tell me to wear a full coverage helmet while snowmobiling right next to giant maple trees on trails at 55mph is a good idea in my mind.
  • I have no trouble having the State require me to have car insurance to drive a car
  • And when it comes to biking, the new bill recommending I have extra health insurance, and that I must wear a helmet when racing down the road on 2 wheels as a law, is in my opinion is a very good idea, as revealed Michigan senate bill on helmet enforcement.

So that’s the law that is stirring us up again. It is the idea that caused a listener to send me this picture of excessive government control.

What do you think?  Is there too much government controlOr do you feel our current laws are rather good?


No one wants excessive control, but alittle legal common sense goes along way.




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