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Romney Bombs Out For My Vote!!!


Marquette02/27/12 – Michigan Primaries are tomorrow, get out and VOTE!!! I took in the closing 4 questions to the Arizona Debates and I know who I’m NOT voting for – Mitt Romney! This over-polished professional politician should bow out and save the race for the other three candidates.

Here is a 1994 debate with the late Ted Kennedy, Candidate Romney states, “I do not believe in a government takeover of the healthcare system.” However,  when finally elected as Governor of Massachusetts, however, his position changed so radically that he signed a health reform law that later became the model for Obamacare.

Rick Santorum is the only candidate mentioning the repeal of Obamacare during his campaign, do the others care anymore??

Nope, some guy’s don’t know when to bow out!!!

Should I mention Romney’s latest quagmire with the Catholic hospitals in his state!!! Maybe I should let you read it for yourself…..Boston Catholic Insider



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