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European living compared to Marquette Michigan living


Great Lakes Radio and Jon’s Auto of Marquette shared a successful business after hours tonight at the Holiday Inn of Marquette.

A few hundred showed up, enjoyed excellent snacks, listened to music, chatted with one another, and participated in prize giveaways.

The pleasant Marquette Motor Inn

I was talking with a Marquette native businessman that married a European woman years ago. They lived in Europe for 30 years and just recently sold their home there in France.

We both agreed Marquette was home
. But he was talking to me about beautiful places there to see and live in Northern France and Southern Italy..

This is one of those such settings.
This is Terre Sunset in Manarola, Italy, Mediterranean Sea. It is a coastal village, a truly colorful & beautiful setting.

It makes you question living through that big snow storm that dumped 12 inches yesterday in the Upper Peninsula.

A friend at the Marquette business after hours talked of a beautiful place in Europe



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