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The Many Faces of Taylor Swift…Or Not!



I will take a moment and let you know that what follows is completely IMHO! (In My Honest Opinion)…

I’m not a big Taylor Swift fan. I never have been, probably never will be. Now, don’t get me wrong, Ms. Swift is an amazingly talented song writer. I use the term ‘singer’ loosely based on the fact that any time I’ve heard her live, she’s been off key, squeaky, or just not all that appealing to my ear. Her albums sound great, but I think that’s by the grace of electronics and the ability to ‘fix’ things.

That being said, Taylor has the uncanny ability to appear surprised for an award or to respond to the applause of her undying fans. The face doesn’t change. Her jaw drops, her eyes burst open, and she is usually seen mouthing “What?” all the way to the stage, or immediately after her performance.

So, my question. Is it an act or is she truly surprised by the rousing applause or the next mantle piece handed to her? My opinion? It’s an act. Because the gaping, jaw dropping, open mouth and big doe-y eyes make her look cute and admirable. There was a “60 Minute” piece about Taylor Swift. Lesley Stahl brought the surprised face to her attention, Taylor said she’s really surprised every time. I don’t really believe it. Now, remember… this is not a knock on her song writing ability…by any means.

Just do me a favor, smile, accept the award, and lose the jaw dropping – surprised face. I’m not buying it anymore.


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