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Goose Alarm Clock


It’s a calm Tuesday morning, about 6:45, the sun just showing the first light of the day. My alarm clock has yet to ring, it was one of those mornings that just felt right. Then, I hear one honk, another, another, getting louder I hear multiple and distinctly different honks… I jump up to see what the fuss is all about, rubbing the sleep from my eyes I grabbed my camera. Overlooking the Dead River Basin that morning I watched as an alpha Male Goose chased away other inquiring males. The water was calm as glass until these huge majestic birds dueled for the female’s affection. The winner was clear and as he proudly courted his Mrs. he continued to honk… Well I was up for the day now, energized by this experience.

Later in conversation with a hunting friend he told me stories of him goose hunting. He said it’s “One of the most exciting types of hunting, if you’ve never done it, oh wow, you’ve got to!  Seeing a flock fly over and calling to them, when they make the turn and head back your way, What A RUSH!”



Let me know if you’ve had a similar experience, or maybe a horror story of a goose chasing after you.


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