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A Girl’s Love For Her Putter

Dawn and Her Putter

I’m not a golfer. I never have been, and unless some miracle happens, I never will be. I enjoy getting out on the greens, zipping around in a golf cart, cracking jokes, enjoy a cold beverage, and even a small cigar from time to time. This does not make me a golf pro or expert by any means. But, I was always told, “It’s all about the short game.”

I can’t tee off very well, without my ball taking a horrible slice to the right. I’m usually taunted because I adjust my aim to make up for the placement of my ball. (Not the correct way to handle this issue.) My mid-game is decent. My irons and I get along just fine, hybrids too. I can find my way out of the sand and usually onto the green without much difficulty, but as most will tell you, it’s all about the short game.

I received a golf club set for Christmas a few years ago. It’s not top of the line, but it does what it has to do. The putter that came with this set is not my friend. The ball doesn’t necessarily ‘bounce’ off it, rather it ‘pings.’ No, seriously, it ‘PING’s when I would use it. I could never get my ball to take the path I wanted it to. So, with some complaining on the course, I received the gift of a brand new putter, a TaylorMade Ghost. It’s amazing and it does the job! At least it did last season… what it will do this season is yet to be seen!

My Ghost! It was Love at first sight!




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