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Another Challenge Yoopers Welcome


The U.P.’s Constantly Changing Weather

On NMU’s campus it was 80 degrees not to long ago and now it’s been 32 degrees or less the past few days. What is going on?!  This morning I woke up and gasped when I saw my snow covered deck. Yea, it’s the U.P., but it still surprised me.  I’m definitely used to the U.P. weather, but it still never ceases to surprise me. We went from a 24 inch snow storm to 10 days of record temperatures, 26 degrees above the average. And now were back to snow again. One of the more crazy weather systems I’ve seen in a while!

Being a college student in the U.P., I still thing we are going to get one more significant storm. During finals week, we study and study right down to the last possible second and when we are finally ready to go…exams get canceled. So I am not getting my hopes up until graduation.  But that is why we’re called Yoopers, we welcome the challenges. Global warming, NOT here now, but wait until next week. I heard it’s suppose to warm up ; )




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