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Activities in the Mud for Yoopers


Testing our New Polaris Razor in the U.P. Mud

I talked about spring yesterday and I’m going to talk about spring today because I am so excited that it’s here..for now (I heard there might be a chance of snow next week). I love being able to run outside barefoot and not have to worry about bringing a jacket along.  Well, me and my boyfriend have been outside all week riding our new Polaris Ranger Razor! Woo! You know,  one of those side-by-sides that can power through anything and everything.

Luckily, it’s been muddy enough with the weather warming up to put it through some tests and it has passed all of them. It”s smooth, turns easily, and we haven’t came close to getting stuck yet. It will be good for getting out to hunting blinds, hauling animal feed, and all kinds of farm work too.

It has been super fun and even if a few snowflakes fall you can bet we will still be out there cruising around!



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