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Turkey Season is Coming


The Start of Turkey Season in the U.P.

A big event here in the U.P. is the start of turkey season! The Jakes (young males) and Toms (males a year and older) are strutting around for the hens to see. And the hens are laying their eggs. We had a Jake hanging around our house most of this past weekend. It was fun to watch him puff up and sashay around while the hens clucked around him. My parents have a flock of about nine at their house and my boyfriends grandparents feed about fifteen at their place. It seems like we’ve already seen more turkeys this year than last year, but there still aren’t many Toms in our area yet.

The season officially starts the 23rd of this month.You can buy a license at most gas stations for around $15. Check out the Michigan DNR website for more rules and information on the hunting seasons.

I hope our Jake makes it through this season!

A Young Male Turkey
Our Jake


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