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Track is Not for The Timid


U.P. Schools Have Sprung into Track Season

Ready, set, GO. Track season has started for high school students!! At least the weather has been sunny for them, even if it is a bit chilly. When I was in high school we would start track practice when there was still snow on the ground. We would put snow shoes on and run up the ski hills. Wah, some of the hardest work outs of my life! Our motto was Sisu which is Finnish for unyielding determination.

I have two siblings still in school, so I’m very excited to get a chance to be outside and watch them. I always feel bad though, when me and my family are bundled up in the stands and they’re on the track in shorts and a light uniform top. But at the same time, I went through it also so I suppose it’s their turn; they must enjoy it enough to do it. They just have to keep Sisu in mind.

Good luck to all the athletes!

Track Lanes









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