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U.P. Shelters are Helping Downstate Dogs

Pug Puppy

Local Animal Shelters are Taking in Dogs

Being an animal lover I find myself very attached to stories about them. One of the bigger cases that I have heard about in a while, and that is happening locally, involves 400 dogs!

Apparently, a downstate shelter rescued the dogs from a breeding operation that went overboard. So, U.P. shelters are helping out by taking in as many dogs as they can handle financially.

I guess the dogs were in pretty bad shape as well. They will need a lot of care. If you are looking to help go to your local shelter and donate money, or even better yet, adopt a dog. The place I am renting won’t allow animals, otherwise I would be over there in a giffy : )


Photo from- http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-missing-you-color-image16657



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