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Four Wheeling in Da Outback


4 Wheeling in the UP

With the early morning dawn still resting on top of the spring grass. 43 Four Wheelers take to the dirt path in search for adventure. Beautiful scenery is a given, we were riding in gods country.

Winding Trails, rocky paths and then, then there it is the sweet mud hole out in the middle of no where. Grown up adults acting as if we are still in our teens. What a blast it was to ride through the puddles and get stuck in the mud. It turned into sloppy, wet, fun day in the mud that could only be found right here in the Beautiful UP!

That night every one heads home and cleans up and comes back to tell there story’s. Some are able to back up there stories with pictures and some you just no are just that, stories. Bruises and sore muscle is felt by all, but every one of them is thinking, I cant wait till next year.


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