Teaching Family Homes Jack Rabbit Snow Show Challenge 01Teaching Family Homes had another great round of 10k, 5k, and 1k Snow Shoe Races.

This was the 5th annual Jack Rabbit Snow Shoeing event and despite the cold temperatures there was still a good turn out.

The cold Saturday morning race started out with a cookie sale staffed by some of the kids from Teaching Family Homes and there were many varieties of delicious cookies! After a cookie and registration the racers gathers under the Start Line banner just before 10 am.  With a quick safety talk and explanation of the course the 10k division was off!  A few minutes behind them the 5k racers lined up and headed out on the trail.  There were the most racers in the 1k, many of the Teaching Family Homes kids strapped on a set of snow shoes and took their mark.

Many of the racers had so much fun they decided to run the 1k again!

  • The Winner of the 10k Male division was Andrew Grosuenor in just over an hour!
  • The Winner of the 10k Female division was Allecia Filibrick
  • The Winner of the 5k Male division was Gary Burnette
  • The Winner of the 5k Female division was Ann LaChance
  • Everyone who participated in the 1k was recognized with a participation ribbon.

Thanks to all the sponsors of the event and for helping to make it a success, for all the cookie donations, Wendy’s for Chilli after the race, and to all who participated.

 Teaching Family Homes

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