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Don't let water be something you have to worry about.  Get a Norway Springs filtration system today!
Don’t let water be something you have to worry about. Get a Norway Springs filtration system today!

Where do people meet on Monday morning to talk about their respective weekends?  The water-cooler.  Whether they’re talking about events, sports, or movies, the water cooler is where it’s happening.  Now, for many a Yooper, the cooler that your standing around is probably a Norway Springs water cooler.  Norway Springs has been providing natural artesian water that comes directly from the famous spring of the same name.  With the Great Lakes surrounding us on almost all sides, Michigan is famous for an association with fresh water.  Why would you want your water to come from anywhere else?  With aquifers, rivers, and streams feeding into Lake Superior, you can’t get any better water.  The Norway Spring is an aquifer that is replenished over & over again by rainfall and then rises up to be purified and bottled by the professionals over at Norway Springs.

Here’s something that you may not know about Norway Springs, however:  Norway Springs has recently begun expanding into the in-home water filtration business.  If you’ve been enjoying the bottled water that they have to offer over the years, then you know that they take their H2O pretty seriously.  Why not provide you and your family with the freshest & purest water you can?  Norway Springs will set you up with a water filtration system that they will provide maintenance on at the drop of a hat… or water.  If you’re unsure whether or not you need a water filtration system or what kind to get, Norway Springs will come to your house and provide you with a water test for FREE!  While such a test usually comes with a charge, Norway Springs wishes to extend their hand to the U.P. homeowner in showing them that they stand behind the community.  Lisa McRobert’s team over at Norway Springs will treat you just the way a customer should be treated:  Like family.  Let her team get your water situation fixed, and give you one less thing to worry about.  Call them now for your FREE in-home water test at 1-800-928-3704 and let them explain how they can help you!


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