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Rainy Creek Construction — Making Your Dream a Reality

Give the guys at Rainy Creek Construction a call at (906) 475-4058
Give the guys at Rainy Creek Construction a call at (906) 475-4058

What’s better than home-grown food?  Fresh fruit, vegetables, and all sorts of spices & herbs.  It’s delicious.  Simple as that.  Besides produce, there are a lot of other things that you should look for to be home-grown.  Many a business around the area are owned and operated by people who you possibly grew up next to.  Rainy Creek Construction is one such business.

Jeremy Johnson has always had a passion for construction.  After graduating from Negaunee High School, he took to the Navy, the U.S. Navy Construction Battalion to be exact.  During his time with his battalion, he learned all sorts of building techniques and the proper way to do things in different situations.  Now, in case you didn’t notice, we live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  What climate could possibly be any more diverse?  It’s like Mother Nature has bipolar disorders sometimes.  If you’re building on location this year, the people at Rainy Creek Construction know how to build a house that will stand up to all the different elements that will be thrown at it.

With over a decade of service to the U.P., Rainy Creek Construction has become a regular at the U.P. Builder’s Show and never fails to disappoint.  They’ve been labeled as dependable, helpful, and very skilled at what they do.  Don’t believe me?  Click here for some fantastic testimonials about the growing business.  Now don’t be confused about the fact they call themselves a construction company.  They can help you out with so much more than that:  Windows, doors, siding, porches, and they even do decks!

A U.P. company that’s dedicated to making U.P. residents’ dreams come true.  How can you go wrong?  Rainy Creek Construction.



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