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Matt & Crystal Dale have been helping U.P. families with all they need for almost a decade!
Matt & Crystal Dale have been helping U.P. families with all they need for almost a decade!

Being a born ‘n bred Yooper, I’ve always been connected with nature one way or another.  Whether it’s swimming in Lake Superior, hiking in the area’s vast forests, or just sitting at camp listening to the fire crackle, nature is a part of all of us.  Odd as it sounds, my favorite chore when I go out to camp is being in charge of getting the fire going.  Splitting the wood, hauling it, and tossing it in the wood stove just feels like I’m getting back to days long past.  Well our wood stove from my grandpa’s younger days finally passed on, so we had to take a little hiatus from camp this winter.  It wasn’t until the U.P. Builder’s show that my dad & I came across Superior Stoves & Fireplaces.

Being a true one-stop-shop, Superior Stoves & Fireplaces will not only supply you with a quality wood-stove, but they’ll install it & provide you with any service needed.  Since 2006, Matt and Crystal Dale have conducted business with the mantra “We’ll never provide a product that we wouldn’t put into our own homes.”  It gives a nice feel when a business stands behind their products.  Superior Stoves & Fireplaces have partnered with titans of the industry like Lennox, Avalon, Napoleon, and Energy King to bring Yoopers the best heating products around.

Whether you want wood or gas fireplaces, or just want a nice decorative piece for your living area, Superior Stoves & Fireplaces is the way to go.  Give Matt & Crystal a call at (906) 249-9406 or visit their website to see which product suits your needs and wants!


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