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For Those Who Complain About Michigan Drivers…


cars_on_highwayHouston, we have a problem with YOUR drivers!

The city was judged as the least courteous when it comes to motorists in AutoVantage’s 2014 Driver’s Seat Road Rage Survey of 2,500 adults.

AutoVantage, which specializes in car and roadside assistance, ranked the nation’s most courteous and least courteous cities based on behavior, observation and attitudes related to road rage.

The last time AutoVantage commissioned the survey in 2009, New York City was ranked least courteous but the Big Apple has fallen in that category to number six.

Meanwhile, Portland, Oregon, was ranked at the top of most courteous cities when it comes to drivers, the same as 2009.

Here are the top five least courteous cities in order: Houston, Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Boston.

Cities with the most courteous drivers from one-to-five: Portland, Oregon, Pittsburgh, St. Louis,  San Francisco and Charlotte, North Carolina.


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