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Marquette, MI –  This winter our house didn’t quite feel good.  The floors were cold, the heating bills were piling up and our basement was too cold to even go down into…  I thought, enough is enough, I’m going to get this straightened out. 

I started calling around to get quotes on insulation and Jesse from Enviro-FOAM answered his cell right away.  We dove into a conversation about growing up in the U.P., Family, Friends, and most importantly Insulation!  He put me on the schedule for a free estimate and I started to prep the basement for application (I had a good feeling about Enviro-FOAM).

After the walk through, Jesse and I discussed different types of insulation, closed cell, open cell, R-values and thickness, building codes, fire resistant paint, vapor resistance….  I could tell he knew his stuff (Good thing, because a lot of it was going over my head.)

He was confident that the feel of our house (cold) and the cost of heating (high) would be dramatically impacted, and boy was he right.  The basement is 15+ degrees warmer, just by adding insulation, oh and it’s going to lower our heating bill.

After I got the quote, my wife Cori and I talked about options and quickly decided this was the best way to go.  With a little help from Uncle Sam and our Tax Return we set the date for Jesse to spray.  I took some before pictures for our records and I’m glad I did because the difference is amazing.  Not only does the house feel all sealed up, but the floors are warmer, and I can’t wait to get our heating bill…. Yeah that feels weird to say, but it’s true.

Jesse has the tools and know-how to get the Job done right

Jesse has the tools and know-how to get the Job done right

We packed up our dogs the morning of and planned to be out of the house until the next morning.  We swung back to take a peak around 9:30pm and Jesse was there wrapping up, talk about dedication and attention to detail.  He spent the whole day, and well into the evening, making sure our basement was perfect and that we would be happy with the coverage and end result.

Jesse, thanks for doing such a great job, you’ve made a believer out of me on what spray foam can do for an old house.

If any of you have cold floors, are interested in improving the feel of your home, or want to make sure your new project is done correctly give Jesse a call (906) 553-2001 or check out envirofoam.info.

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