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Camping with Crutches

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Best fire I’ve ever started!

Marquette, MI – Everyone has been hiking or camping at some point, but have you ever been so dedicated that you went on crutches? Well, that’s exactly what a friend of mine did over Labor Day Weekend.

We had made the plan to hike Dead River Falls and camp tent-less weeks ago, that is, before she tumbled off Black Rocks and contused her foot. She rejected any attempts to sway her decision away from coming with us.

Full of determination, we set off for a night hike up the winding trails, just mere miles away from the city. Watching her scoot down the steep slopes was priceless!

We made it there with no falls and made some spectacular memories while we star-gazed next to a beautifully built fire! That girl definitely impressed me.

Have you or your friends done something completely disbelieving? I’d love to hear so shoot me a comment below!



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