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Good Bye Summer, Hello Fall

Black Rocks Upper Peninsula Fall Leaves Change Color Marquette NMU
Trees starting to transition into fall.

Marquette, Michigan  – September 23, 2015  – You can definitely feel fall in the crisp Northern Michigan air, so I took some time yesterday to capture the last real day of summer for a class project. Though the air was slightly chilled and the sky was overcast, it was a fantastic day to go out and explore the scenery Marquette has to offer.

My best friend and I hiked up Black Rocks yesterday evening to shoot some footage for our broadcasting class and let me tell you, if you’ve never been to the area, its too breathtaking to miss. Black Rocks is a rocky formation that overlooks into Lake Superior and is prime for cliff-diving in the summer. Herds of NMU students venture out every Welcome Weekend to jump in before the lake gets too cold. It was actually the first activity I did when I came to Marquette for school in the fall of 2013.

I did my project on the season change and got some great shots of trees in fall transition and waves crashing on the rocks. And of course, we definitely got some selfies because the opportunity was too beautiful to resist. My only regret is not staying to see the sunset.

Where are your favorite places to take pictures of in the UP? I’d love any ideas so drop me a comment below!


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