Total immersion at Edge of Reality RV Arcade.

Total immersion at Edge of Reality RV Arcade.

Marquette, MI  –  August 29, 2020 –  You might remember earlier this year 103 FXD hosted a contest called “Totally Twisted Tune“. Sponsored by Edge of Reality RV Arcade in Marquette, we’re bringing it back all month long to test your skills at identifying totally twisted songs!

Listen in each week on 103 FXD to decipher the “twisted tune” and come up with the correct name. Once you think you’ve got it, text the correct song name and artist name to 906-361-WFXD(9393). If you’re the lucky winner, Eric Scott will contact you for your information and you’ll win a free 1-hour gaming session at Edge of Reality!

Remember you have to enter in each week as entries do not roll over! Our first winner will be drawn this Friday, September 4th!

To find more information like contest rules, visit the the Edge of Reality Totally Twisted Tune Contest.

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