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Saluting the Future

Marines Veterans Day Siblings Proud Michigan Pendleton Bootcamp
Growing up is hard to do, but look at that dedication.

Marquette, MichiganNovember 12, 2015 – As everybody knows, Veteran’s Day was yesterday. Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw my friends honoring their family and friends. I was so filled with pride knowing that even if we oppose the wars we’ve fought, we never take for granted the men and women that fought them for us.

Not only was I filled with pride for America and its people, but I was also filled with pride for the weight my last name carries on this day, as my family has a long history with the United States Marine Corp. My grandfather served, my dad served and my brother, who just turned 18 in June, is currently attending boot camp in California. Knowing that three very important men in my life served, or will serve, our country makes me proud.

As proud as I am, I can’t help but feel some sadness thinking about my baby brother on the West Coast,

Marines Veterans Day Siblings Proud Michigan Pendleton Bootcamp 02
Christmas in 2000. Cannot believe I won’t be spending it with him this year.

away from home for the first time. Don’t get me wrong, I love how motivated he was to leave, and I’m especially happy knowing he found something he loves in the walls of the military, but as a big sister, my heart is broken not knowing what future he will have.

Growing up, we fought constantly until I hit high school and he seventh grade. In the short 7 years that it’s been since then, he became my best friend, even if we didn’t talk a whole ton when he was home. The football games I went to for him, the track meets he attended for me and the relentless begging to play Monopoly or Yahtzee when I was home makes me smile, especially knowing not every set of siblings get along as well as we do.

Marines Veterans Day Siblings Proud Michigan Pendleton Bootcamp 06
He has such a bright future, could not be more proud!

Having a strong, dedicated marine as a brother is a feeling of pride I can’t quite put into words. In the next 9 weeks without contact, I hope this serves as token of my appreciation for all that he has done, is doing and will do to serve our country and make our family proud.

Have any awesome stories about your loved ones in the armed forces? Drop a comment and let me know!


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