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Adam Carpenter, Bill Tibor, Store Manager Ed Czenkus and Meat Department Manager Pete Kolbas

Marquette, MI – February 12th, 2016 – Major Discount was at Super One Foods in Marquette today for the UPAWS (Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Society) benefit, and we brought it all to you live on 103-FXD! The Major was there to mingle with all the fine people who came out to support a great cause, and he even had an awesome lunch thanks to Super One Foods and UPAWS!

It may have looked like a blizzard outside, but thousands of people still showed up to take advantage of the amazing deals! The scent of freshly-fried, humongous butterflied shrimp wafted through the store, and Major Discount and the gang from GLR made sure to take advantage of the great lunch deal! For only $4.00, UPAWS and Super One Foods provided a great lunch that included those amazing shrimp, fresh coleslaw, fries, and a pop! Make sure to check out the gallery of photos below to see all the fun that was had!

When customers were done taking advantage of the great lunch deal, they could choose from a litany of the freshest seafood around! There was fresh coho salmon for only $6.99 per pound, 16-20ct shrimp for just $9.99 per pound, and they had beautiful tuna steaks that were $7.77 per pound! They had king crab legs that were just $16.99 per pound, and the freshest oysters available were only $0.99 each!

Luke and Walt enjoying the fest!
Luke and Walt enjoying the fest!

A special thanks goes out to all the fine folks at UPAWS and Super One Foods for putting on such an amazing event and helping local animals in need. Take a look at all the cool pics below, and click the links below to hear all the live audio!

Major Discount welcomes you to the Super One Foods UPAWS Benefit fish sale

The Major talks with UPAWS member Karen Rhodes

UPAWS has a special Valentine’s Day special

Major Discount chats with store manager Ed

Outdoor Show host Adam Carpenter joins Major Discount for lunch

You could get a delicious shrimp lunch

UPAWS makes people smile

Super One Foods outdoes itself, and customers appreciate it

Major Discount says thanks for supporting a great cause

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