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The 2016 NMU Homecoming Parade

Here's Adam in the MQT Fox Sports Car!
Here’s Adam in the MQT Fox Sports Car!

Marquette, MI  –  September 23, 2016  –  We had a great time in the NMU Homecoming Parade today. We had a number of the guys from Great Lakes Radio driving our Vans in the parade. Adam Carpenter led our pack in the MQT Fox Sports Car, with Walt Lindala from the Sunny Morning Show in the Sunny Van! Bill followed rocking out in the WRUP van with Joe ending our caravan in the Fox Sports Box Truck.

Around 5:30 PM the parade started on Fair Avenue before we turned onto Third Street for the main procession. The streets where packed with college kids and community members waiting for their chance at some candy and to see all the best floats. This year was a pretty exciting event with it also being a 50th Reunion for a number of NMU Alums. The parade was led by a firetruck and the ROTC.

Here it is! The tank float that shoots green confetti.
Here it is! The tank float that shoots green confetti.

The football boys had a massive group as usual, but they got a surprise when young kids countered the football players plan to throw water balloons by striking first!. The theme for all of the on campus residencies was board games! Each hall that participated had a float that matched some board game. Hunt hall had a very well designed float designed after the game “Sorry”. Spalding Hall also had a great float with a fun play on the game “Operation”. Their float included a painting of Wild Cat Willy as the patient being operated on! And of course, my old residency, Spooner Hall, had a great float as well! However, the most impressive float in my opinion was the Alpha Gamma Delta float made include an working tank that shot out wildcat green confetti.

Everyone seemed to have a great time at the event with candy in the streets and a perfect fall evening for the event. Check out a gallery of over 70 photos of this years NMU Homecoming Parade!