Kevin Burbank, Cassandra DeShone, and Steve DeShone.

Kevin Burbank, Cassandra DeShone, and Steve DeShone.

Marquette, MI  –  March 16, 2019  – U.P. Chaga Connection and DSD Snacks settled into their brand new location in Marquette today. The business owners celebrated with a Grand Opening Party, inviting the community out to taste what U.P. Chaga and DSD Snacks has to offer!

Great Lakes Radio’s Alex Baysore and Lauren Bareiss were on site today reporting live from the shop and trying out some snacks. DSD owner Steve DeShone let us taste test some of the number 1 selling trail mix, Kar’s Nuts Sweet ‘N Salty Mix. It is the perfect mix on nuts, chocolate, and raisins that will keep your energy up while on a hike and it actually tastes good! We also tried out some of the Sanders’ Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears, perfect for anyone with a real sweet tooth. After our fill of sweets, Lauren tasted the U.P. Chaga Connection Chaga Chai Tea! Haven’t never had a chaga product before, Lauren was surprised to find that it tasted exactly like chai tea, no hint of the chaga mushroom at all.

The store is packed full of stuff perfect for anyone! Going on a hike this summer? Pick up some U.P. Chaga Mosquito repellent and a U.P. Chaga water bottle, plus some Kar’s Nuts snack mix to keep you going while you’re out there. Chapped lips or dry skin from this long winter? Grab a U.P. Chaga Lip Balm or hand cream to take care of the issue!

All of the U.P. Chaga Connection products are processed out of Kevin Burbank’s Kingsford location. The company is licensed and insured, using industry standard techniques to harvest and process Upper Peninsula chaga. As the original place for getting Yooper Chaga, U.P. Chaga Connection can answer any questions you have about chaga and the benefits it may have for you.

Stop in and check out the wall of products from DSD Snacks and U.P. Chaga Connection.

Stop in and check out the wall of products from DSD Snacks and U.P. Chaga Connection.

As a distributed of Kar’s Nuts, a Michigan made company, DSD Snacks has products available in over 200 locations across the U.P. and Wisconsin. Now after connecting with Burbank, the two have opened a store front right here in Marquette to make it even easier to get the products you want!

As the Grand Opening wrapped up around 2pm today, Steve Deshone’s daughter Cassandra selected a winner for the $50 gift certificate! Congratulations to giveaway winner, Grace Garrow.

Didn’t make it out to today’s Grand Opening? Drop by any day Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm to check out the store and pick up your chaga or snack needs. U.P. Chaga Connection & DSD Snacks is located in the same building as Northern Awning across from Shopko in Marquette.

Don’t forget to follow both U.P. Chaga Connection and DSD Snacks on Facebook and visit the U.P. Chaga Connection website to learn more.

Listen to Alex’s live broadcasts made right from U.P. Chaga & DSD Snacks:

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Thanks for checking out the grand opening of U.P. Chaga Connection and DSD Snacks in Marquette!


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