A group photo with some of the Fremont High School Students.

A group photo with some of the Fremont High School Students.

Fremont, Michigan – March 27, 2019 – My wife and I just spent four days with the Michigan Farm Bureau in Washington, D.C. It was coordinated by the American Farm Bureau and the focus was on the peoples office the USDA, fair trade for America’s Farmers including Michigan farmers, clean water around the Great Lakes, grey wolf management, and so many other important farm issues.

We are from the Fremont area, and our friends from downstate saw our Washington, D.C. post and notified us that the Fremont students got to drive their tractors to school today. This has happened every year for 15 years.

Today Fremont celebrated the FFA with a hay bale toss, a pig roast, and dozens of tractors parked right outside of Fremont High School.

The kids loved it and so did the teachers and the community.

Future Farmers of America is on fire in Fremont, Michigan just north of Grand Rapids.

And this is just another example of the true farming experience. Fremont is another community bringing kids on board, allowing them to drive their tractors to school, and wear their flannel and cowboy boots on at Fremont High School, celebrating farming pride!

All photos provided by Sandra Crandall of Fremont. See full gallery of photos here.

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