Stay Home for the Holidays in Your Brand New Living Room – Our Next Big Giveaway

Register for a chance to win $7,200 in new furniture!
Register for a chance to win $7,200 in new furniture!

Marquette, MI  –  October 2, 2019  –  If you didn’t get it from the title of our article, yes, we are giving away a entire living room set for our next big prize. It’s the perfect gift for one lucky winner right before the holidays! World renown Interior Design Specialist Rita Rossway hand picked each piece from her store Interiors by Design to put together a beautiful living room set that will look great in your home. It’s the Living Room of Your Dreams Giveaway!

The S word is on it’s way. No, not that S word, the S. N. O. W. word……. Yeah that stuff, it’s on it’s way. Soon the air will hurt your face just stepping outdoors and what will you want to do? Oh yea, that’s right, curl up on your brand new living room couch. Whether it’s going in your 1-bedroom apartment, your house or your fancy guest house, this is a prize you’ll want to put your name in the drawing for.

This seasonally appropriate gift is valued at $7,200, which makes it the  most experience giveaway have had in, well, a while. That’s a sofa, three tables, two lamps, an Easy Chair, area rug, wall art, decor, pillows and delivery to your address! Want over 7K of new high quality furniture in your home? Register now for a chance to join us on Thursday, December 19th at River Rock Lanes and Banquet Center when we give it all away.  We’ll also be drawing a winner for our special prize that night, 3 months of free gas from Crossroads Mini-Mart and Kountry Korner Shell!

We don’t have bucket locations set up just yet for where you can register around town, but you can fill out our online form to be automatically entered into the drawing. At the beginning of December, we’ll randomly select 400 people to invite to our giveaway party to find ourselves a winner.

See the official contest page to learn more about the prize, how to register and the general contest rules.