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Softball, Music, Brats and more; a Look Back on the 2021 Community Day Event


Marquette, MIAugust 9, 2021 – A beautiful Saturday afternoon kicked off the 2021 “Catch the Vision” Community Day. Featuring food, music, and softball games throughout the day, the event took place at the Lions Field in Marquette.

Gathered together for Community Day
Gathered together for Community Day

Starting with sports, a total of 6 games were played throughout the day, featuring one skirmish and a Round Robin-style tournament. The skirmish featured the Sunny Sluggers, the team for mediaBrew Communication, who faced off against the Township Trashers, representing the Marquette Township. Things looked grim for the Sunny Sluggers in the first half, behind the Trashers by 6 points. The Sluggers, however, came back full force. The final score finished with 9-7, with the Sunny Sluggers taking home the trophy.

A Round Robin-style tournament followed the scrimmage between the Sluggers and the Trashers. Three teams took part: The Marquette Fire Dept, Park Chiropractic, and the Goobers, a self-sponsored group of local high school graduates. After five games, the Goobers came out on top. Park Chiropractic took 2nd, and Marquette Fire Dept took 3rd.

Folks came not just for the game, but for the Music. Three local bands played throughout the day. Eddie and the Bluesers played early afternoon, followed by Iron Daisy in the late afternoon. The evening wrapped up with the Maynards, playing out the day until 10 pm on Saturday.

Brats, Burgers, Pop, and more were served at the event by Super One Foods. So popular was the tent that they eventually sold out on all their stock. As a thank you to the community, Super One Foods will be donating $1500 to the Township.

Double Trouble kept the kids entertained during the event with a pair of wildly popular inflatables. The Fire Department and Sheriff’s office both turned out with displays of their vehicles, as well as an ambulance.

The Salvation Army made a showing, taking donations at the Sunny Ford Flex of non-perishable goods to donate to the local food bank. Thank you also to TV6 News for helping sponsor the event.

This year’s Community Day event was a roaring success thanks to its sponsors’ dedication and the passion of the Marquette Community. Thank you to everyone who attended the event, and we look forward to next year!


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