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The Rock Shop — More Than Just Countertops

Let the staff at The Rock Shop help you with all of your remodeling needs!
Let the staff at The Rock Shop help you with all of your remodeling needs!

While I was at a party last weekend, one of my buddies had just remodeled his bathroom and wanted to show it off.  When I walked in, my first thought was that he had good reason to show it off.  He had taken the terrain of the U.P. and brought it into his home.

Wood paneling, nature-oriented decorations, and (what really drew my eye) was his new granite sink.  I’ve always enjoyed sinks, bathtubs, and other furnishings that go away from the traditional porcelain, and this was no exception.

While it was just a bathroom, it really added to the feel that he & his wife were trying to achieve:  The U.P.  Most of us Yoopers have an affinity for enjoying the aesthetic pleasure of nature.  They managed to bring that feeling into their house, so that they can enjoy a U.P. summer even during these cold months of winter.

When I asked them where they get something like this done, they pointed me to The Rock Shop here in Marquette.  I was always under the impression that they only did kitchens counters and the like.  Once I went to their gallery, I was blown away.  Showers, sinks,dens, and (yes) counter-tops… they do it all.  Once I start remodeling my house again, I think I’ll be heading out to The Rock Shop to get everything I need.  Maybe as an anniversary gift?  Or a birthday?  It isn’t rocket science, she’ll love it and so will you.

Open six days a week, and with an easy-to-use website, The Rock Shop is a place you need to go if you need to shake things up within your home.



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