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Marquette Fence Company Inc. — Anything in Fence

Whether you want wood, chain-link, or vinyl, Marquette Fence Company Inc. has you covered!
Whether you want wood, chain-link, or vinyl, Marquette Fence Company Inc. has you covered!

I love sports.  The thrill you feel when you win, the suspense of a close game, and the hard lessons you learn in a loss, there’s just something about sports that keeps me going.  They’re fun & relaxing all while still causing you to think long and hard about strategies and what moves to make.

Now like most red-blooded Americans, I played some Little League Baseball growing up.  I’m from the area, so I’m familiar with all of the usual teams:  VFW, Lions Club, Jubilee, and K of C.

There was one team, a team that usually kicked my team’s butt, that I had no idea why they were in the league:  Marquette Fence.  I had no idea where they were from exactly (besides Marquette), what they did (Give me a break, I was 9), or how long they’d been a part of the community.  Well my baseball days ended when I was 12-years-old, and I failed to make it to the majors.  As I grew up, I moseyed around a little and learned more about the community I live in.  It wasn’t until I was 17 years old, though, that I had to come back into contact with my childhood rival:  Marquette Fence Company Inc.

My Dad wanted us to get a new fence to keep the dogs from running into the street, so he had me call Sam & Company down on M-28 to come and give us a free estimate.  Even my Dad was shocked by that one.  They drove all the way out to Negaunee Township to just give an estimate, free of charge!  Well with most successful businesses, Marquette Fence gave us a reasonable price and a guarantee of satisfaction.  Seven years later, and we still haven’t had a problem with the fence, even with the dogs constantly trying to dig, gnaw, and scratch their way through it.

Marquette Fence Company Inc. has a simple website that shows all of their products.  What also has surprised me after stopping by their booth at the Builder’s Show was the fact that they can do a lot more.  They can make you automatic gates, entryways, and even make some nice dog kennels for the dog loving person!  If you’re looking to keep your pets & kids in, or your neighbor’s pets out, be sure to call Marquette Fence Company Inc. at (906) 249-8000.

Marquette Fence Company Inc:  Literally… ANYTHING in fence.


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