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You can WIN THE MEAT tomorrow at the Marquette County Fair!

2015 Win The Meat Poster
2015 Win The Meat Poster

Marquette – August 14, 2015 – Sponsored by Honor Credit Union, Hiawathaland Farm Bureau, Great Lakes Radio’s 103 FXD, Rainbow Packing of Escanaba, and the Marquette County Fair, the Win The Meat Contest is just days away from giving away 80 pounds of 4-H premium pork. The 4-H kids worked hard raising the animals for the livestock sale, with funds raised going toward college expenses.

Look for your invitation if you entered. You must register at the Honor Credit Union tent at the Livestock Sale, located at the southwest corner of the fairgrounds, by noon on Saturday, August 15th. Finalists must bring their invitation letter to the Honor tent for admission to the contest. Finalists will also need to use their admission pass to get free entrance to the fair, entering at the main gate. If you did not receive your invitation in the mail, Nancy from Great Lakes Radio will have a list of finalists to get you in.

How will this work?

Early afternoon, two hogs will be purchased by Honor Credit Union. Ron Lauren from Honor Credit Union, James Goriesky, Fair Board President, Dan Bahrman from Hiawathaland Farm Bureau, and Todd Noordyk from Great Lakes Radio (103 FXD) will be present to oversee the event and take a picture with you, if you are the winner!

Following the two purchases, four letters will be randomly drawn from a box and these four will be announced as our winners. The four winners and the sponsors, along with the two 4-H students, will have their picture taken. Additional photos may be taken throughout the proceedings.
If you are one of the four winners, your name will be given to Rainbow Packing Inc. so they can contact you the following week to discuss how you want your pork cut and packaged. Additional sausage mixes might be extra with Rainbow Packing!

Once the process has been completed, the frozen packages of pork will be available at Rainbow Packing in Escanaba. You will be notified when you can come to Rainbow Packing to pick up your pork.

Thank you for your interest and support of 4-H and we hope to see you at the sale in the future!


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