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Frustrated with your DIY Project, Turn to the Professionals at Fraco

Upgrade your house or business with brick, stone, or concrete from Fraco in Marquette
Stop in to Fraco for all your home improvement and D.I.Y. remodeling needs.

Marquette, MISeptember 21, 2015 – Most UP homes need a little TLC and doing the projects yourself is a great way to save money. The problem with “Do it Yourself” is you sometimes need a little extra help.  Marquette’s Fraco

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The Pros at Fraco are here to Help

Concrete has a staff dedicated to helping you and your construction project succeed, and with winter just around the corner it’s time to head into Fraco.

The specialists at Fraco can help your building project go smoothly with just a few simple steps.

  1. Pick out the room in your house you want to turn into the talk of the town.
  2. Head into Fraco to check out their huge selection of inventory designed to make your dream kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or patio pop!
  3. Bring your materials and some DIY advice from Missy home and get to work. 😀
  4. Watch your neighbors turn green with envy!
See the huge inventory at Fraco by visiting 200 Cherry Creek Road in Marquette, MI

Fraco isn’t joking about number 4.  They’ve done the work to select the best products, so your project makes your neighbors a little jealous.  The showroom is just outside of Marquette and they have a great selection with every color, style, and size of tile, brick, and stone imaginable.

This variety means you will get the exact look you want!  And the friendly staff at Fraco are top-notch designers here to help you pick the right material to complement  your house or business.

Let’s face it. Your local hardware or big box store doesn’t have the expertise or the variety to help you create your dream home. Stop in to Fraco to see all of their products.


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