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In Memory of Marvin Doucette (1948-2014)

Marvin Doucette Parts Manager Auto Value of West Ishpeming, Michigan
Marvin “Marv” Doucette (1948-2014)

Ishpeming, Michigan  –  July 24, 2014  –  If you’ve ever been into Auto Value of West Ishpeming, chances are you talked to a friendly guy behind the counter named Marv. Marv was the Parts Manager at Auto Value and he recently passed away unexpectedly. Shortly before he passed, I had the opportunity to chat with Marv about Auto Value of West Ishpeming. Here’s what he had to say:

Marv told me he started working at O.K. Auto after high school. He stayed with the company which eventually became Auto Value of West Ishpeming in 1983. He told me he’s been delivering, shipping or managing auto parts since 1967.

As the Parts Manager of Auto Value of West Ishpeming, Marv said he enjoyed his job because he got to talk to people every day and he got along well with all the guys that work there.

In his spare time, Marv said he loved to ride his mountain bike and play golf at the Gentz Homestead Course or the NMU course in Marquette.

“The best thing about Auto Value is the service you get,” said Marv. “Everyone that works here is experienced and they’re all car guys. So when you ask a question, you know you’re getting an answer from someone that’s dealt with that problem before.”

Marv also said the guys at Auto Value will go above and beyond your expectations. “If we don’t have it, we’ll get it. We go the extra mile.”

Marv will be missed by his coworkers at Auto Value of West Ishpeming, as well as the customers that he helped on a regular basis. I’m glad I had the chance to talk to Marv and I know his positive attitude will be missed by everyone who knew him.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful tribute to my father. What you saw is what you got from. He was a dedicated employee and wonderful man.

  2. Didn’t know Marvin real well, but each time I had the opportunity to talk to him he was always happy, kind humble. RIP Marvin

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