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Big Valley Ford Saves My Heater On A Cold Winter Day

Get a Ford F150 for your family at Big Valley Ford in Marquette
Big Valley Ford in Ewen MI
Ewen, MI  –  February 10, 2015  –  I was on the road with my F350 Super Duty.  It’s a 2006 with 240,000 miles on her, but she purrs like a kitten.  I tell my friends, “Do you know what this FORD stands for?  Found-On-Road-Delivering!”


I mean,  when a guy has to haul a snow blower to camp, move a trailer, haul fuel to a loader, and take a Kawasaki Mule to the repair shop, the Super Duty is just the ticket.


Well, my heater was blowing cool to lukewarm.  I mean, it’s like below zero and the heat gauge on my dash hardly goes up.  I had it in the repair shop in Marquette and they replaced the blower motor for me thinking that would fix it.  Nope, still just a little heat.
Big Valley Ford in Marquette - Car dealership for your truck and SUV needs
The lot is always full at Big Valley Ford

So I decided to go where truck lovers go,  Big Valley Ford in Ewen.  It’s a bit of a drive from Marquette, but I was heading West of town anyway.  I got there and the lot was busy with customers out front and 3 cars ready for repair by the service bay.
I went in and asked the guys if they could diagnose the problem here.  They asked some questions and said they would look at it.  About 40 minutes later I was having a cup of coffee out front talking to Bruce Cook, Ron Miesbauer, and and Derrick Juntti, and out came the service manager with a smile on his face saying I just needed a thermostat.
Sale on Ford F150s - Ewen MI

Now what the heck?  Why couldn’t they figure that out in Marquette?  I mean Ford service is Ford service right?  Not really.  That’s why Big Valley has done so well over the years.  They get right to it,  get you right in, and find the darn problem right away.  I had them change my fuel filters and put on a thermostat and it was just a little over $180.  That’s a good deal because a fuel filter change on a F350 Super Duty requires two filters in two different spots.  Then figuring out the thermostat problem took a bit, but it all worked out nicely.

Big Valley Ford has the power you need in a truck at Ewen MI
My Ford is better than ever, thanks to Big Valley

Get a Ford F150 for your family at Big Valley Ford in Marquette
Wow was it cold! Didn’t phase my Ford, though.

Here’s the big thing,  I have heat.  Now look at my thermometer from yesterday on the dead River Basin in Negaunee Township.  Yes it said -30 degrees.

Guess what? My Ford Super Duty started right up, and warmed up in a couple of minutes.

 Thanks Big Valley.   www.bigvalley.biz
P.S.  I heard Derrick do this ad on 103-FXD.  Maybe I should consider a new one.  If I can do a trade of say around 5 grand,  I can own a new F-150 anyway, with 20-25 miles per gallon, brand new, not a lease but a purchase, 0% for 60 months, all for less than $500-600 a month, depending on your trade and current financing rates. See Big Valley for specific details…  Maybe we both should upgrade to a new F150 from Big Valley.  They’ve got 14 new 2014’s with deep discounts right now.  Shall we call Ron or Derrick at Big Valley?  906-988-2323


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